Faculty of Business

      The School of Business Studies is divided into six main training areas. These are:
Accounting and auditing (opening soon to North American candidates)
Organizational Management
Economics and Economic Relations
Law (Ukranian only)

      Current interests of the faculty include Emerging Markets Corporate Finance, and the downsizing of bureaucracies through the application of public administration priniciples.

      From 2003 to 2008, 30 candidates were admitted into the post-graduate study department and another15 persons were admitted as competitors for the Ph.D. At present, there are 15 post-graduate students. Over the past year, two post-graduate students at the University have defended their theses.

      The general approach in the department is international and global. Management practices are studied on the basis of case studies drawn from a wide variety of situations encountered by both national and multi-national corporations. Students are encouraged to develop both a conceptual framework for integrating theory as well as the practical skills necessary to apply them. To encourage independent thinking as well as the ability to work together, every program requires the writing of a number of research projects. At least one project is done completely on an individual basis and one as a member of a five member team comprised of students from various economic and geographic regions.
In general, once they have been successfully defended, all theses and dissertations are published by the University and distributed internationally to over one hundred universities for further comments, as required by law
Faculty of Law
      The faculty trains students to enter the legal profession in the Ukraine. As such, there are no plans currently to offer courses in Law for international and online students from this faculty.