National Accreditation

The Higher Education System in the Ukraine.

      The International University of Business and Law is a private university with full national accreditation that is duly recognized throughout the world. To place this accreditation in context, here is a short summary of the educational system and of the classifications used by the Ministry of Education.
      Unlike their counterparts in North America, universities in the Ukraine are generally specialized institutions that offer programs to specific technical or academic populations. For example, some universities specialize in the Humanities, some in Education and others in Business.
      All universities are supervised by the Ministry of Education to ensure that appropriate standards are maintained at each accreditation level, of which there are four.

• Level I - Vocational schools
• Level II - Schools offering the equivalent of Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees
• Level III - Colleges and Universities teaching Professional courses
• Level IV - Universities licensed to teach on all levels, including Doctoral.

      Some Level III and Level IV universities offer continuing education courses and off-campus courses at various industrial locations. Several Level IV universities have also been granted the right to prepare distance learning curricula and are currently active in this domain. IUBL is at the forefront of developing online programs consistent with this initiative.
      The International University of Business and Law is accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science at Level IV (the highest level of accreditation given by the Ministry). The university’s accreditation rating has been assigned license number AB#048983.

International Accreditation

      IUBL is an accredited member institution of IAU, the International Association of Universities of UNESCO –

Depending on the document, IUBL will be listed either by its name in English or under its Ukrainian equivalent - Privatnij Vishij Navcalnij Zaklad Miznarodnij Universitet.

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