Academic Activities
More than 2000 on-campus students are currently enrolled in the forty programs offered by the university.

The fields of academic activity include:
the training of specialists in various business spheres
the creation of business training programs
the training of experts in real estate studies
A small business consultancy

IUBL has a teaching staff of over one hundred, thirty-seven of whom hold PhD degrees. More than two hundred other employees work in administrative and other positions.
The University is authorized to award Bachelors, Masters, and PhD degrees. It holds cooperative agreements with educational institutions in the USA, Germany, France, Poland, Israel, Turkey, Russia, Lebanon and the Gulf and is licensed to accept international students.

The main subjects of scientific activity at the University are:
the improvement of training programs for management personnel
the creation of training programs for public policy makers
the provision of management consulting services
the creation of innovative small business projects

Administration of IUBL
Executive Officer
Dr. Belousova Svetlana Valentinovna serves as University Rector. Dr. Valentinovna holds an advanced degree in Cybernetics and has been inducted into the prestigious Order of Princess Olga (named after the Ukrainian ruler of the tenth century) for her extensive work in enhancing national educational opportunities. As chief executive officer, she works to achieve overall excellence in teaching standards and research. She represents the university to government bodies at home and around the world.
The Chief Financial Officer is responsible for setting budgets and overseeing its implementation.
The Vice-Rector reports to the rector. Responsibilities include policy coordination and fundraising for various university research projects, maintaining contact with alumni and reporting to the Ministry of Education. In addition, the vice-rector is responsible for media and community relations.

The Dean of Student Affairs is responsible for ensuring the integration of new students and maintaining the overall efficiency of the Registrars Office.
The Dean of International Students coordinates all activities relating to the international students, including advertising and publicity in the print and electronic media.
Departmental Structure
IUBL offers a full range of learning opportunities. Although most of the student is learning full-time on our campus in Kherson, we also offer equivalent programs on-line that are currently being pursued by students from thirteen countries.

The school is divided into six main training areas. These are:
Accounting and auditing (opening soon to North American candidates)
Organizational Management
Economics and Economic Relations
Law (Ukrainian only)

Post-graduate study is available in all departments except for Accounting and Law. Current interests of Faculty include Emerging Markets Corporate Finance, and the downsizing of bureaucracies through the application of public administration priniciples.
From 2003 to 2008, 30 candidates were admitted into the post-graduate study department. 15 persons have been admitted as competitors for the Ph.D. Thesis. At present, there are 15 post-graduate students pursuing their post-graduate studies. These include two full-time students, eight part-time students and 5 competitors for their Ph.D. Thesis presentations.
During the past year, two post-graduate students at the University defended their theses. All theses are published by the University and distributed internationally to over one hundred universities for comment, as required by law.
The general approach in all departments, except for Law, is international and global. Management practices are studied on the basis of case studies drawn from a wide variety of situations encountered by both national and multi-national corporations. Students are encouraged to develop both a conceptual framework for integrating theory as well as the practical skills necessary to apply them. To encourage independent thinking as well as the ability to work together, every program requires the writing of a number of research projects. At least one project is done completely on an individual basis and one as a member of a 5-student team.
Our online students in particular come from a wide range of national and ethnic backgrounds Team projects are initiated among these students with a special emphasis placed on forming groups from differing economic and geographic regions.
Administration of IUBL
University Resources

IUBL has a substantial material and technical base. Each of the three university Institutes is housed in its own building.

These are:
The Institute of International Economy
The Institute of Law
The Institute of Information Technologies

The Library of University plays an important role in the professional training of students and currently contains more than 600,000 volumes.
Computers are widely used in the educational process. There are six computer laboratories with more than 125 computer terminals available on the university network.
The universitys physical fitness complex consists of a sports field for various kinds of sport (football, volleyball, basketball, tennis, heavy athletics).And a full gym stocked with the latest equipment. The complex includes a swimming pool and boasts a full indoor stadium with 500 seats.
A dormitory, student center and parking lots round out the Universitys facilities.
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