The International University of Business and Law (IUBL) is a leading private university located in Kherson, Ukraine. Founded in 1993 after the fall of the Soviet Union, the university focuses on providing academic training for future professionals entering the economy of Europes second largest country.

The Business Management program includes an optional track that prepares students to sit for the professional accounting examinations. The program in Law prepares students for the professional examinations given annually by the Ukrainian Bar Association.

Students are assigned a faculty member to offset some of the difficulties of taking courses individually and flexible scheduling allows students to take these programs without compromising family ties or careers. This individualized approach has resulted in our high retention rate when compared to other schools

At IUBL, we provide an education strong in both theory and its applications. Our university is committed to serving the growing demand, for well-rounded and well-educated lawyers, managers and entrepreneurs.
The International University of Business and Law welcomes international candidates for admission. Such applicants must meet the entrance requirements of the university as specified below. Note: Standards vary greatly from country to country. While these requirements are generally sufficient, we cannot ensure admission to all programs.
International Entrance Requirements:
  • The academic qualifications that meet the General Entrance Requirements for direct-entry programs are listed below:

    British-patterned education (United Kingdom and most Commonwealth countries except as noted separately below)
    General Certificate of Education, with two subjects at Advanced Level and three at Ordinary Level, or three subjects at Advanced Level and one at the Ordinary Level, with a C overall average; no subject accepted below a D grade. Acceptable alternative: U.K. Higher National Diploma or Certificate.

    French-patterned education (Algeria, C'ote d'Ivoire, Cambodia, France, French Guinea, Haiti, Laos, Morocco) Diploma de Bachelier de 'lEnseignement du Second Degree (Baccalaureate Parts I and II)

    Latin America (Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Peru, Venezuela: all others see individual listings below) first year at a recognized university in the same country

    Middle East (Bahrain,Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Sudan, United Arab Emirates, Yemen) national secondary school certificate

    Russian-patterned education (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan) Maturity Certificate

    Yugoslavian-patterned education (Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, Yugoslavia) Matura/Secondary School Leaving Diploma

    International Baccalaureate Program 3 courses at the Higher level and 3 courses at the Subsidiary level with a minimum score in each subject of 4 with an overall minimum score of 24. Advanced credit may be granted for Higher level courses with minimum scores of 5 in specific subject areas.

    Afghanistan Baccalauria

    Argentina Bachillerato or Bachillerato Especializada with a minimum 6 average or the examination Ciclo Basico Comun with a 5 average

    Aruba, Netherlands Voorbereidend Wetenschappelijk Onderwijs Certificate

    Australia matriculation as defined by the home state university

    Austria Reifeprufung (Matura)

    Bangladesh Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) in at least the second division

    Belgium Certificat de l'enseignement secondaire superieur (French) or Diploma van Secundair Onderwijs (Flemish)

    Brazil Certificado de Conclusao de Grau or a Diploma de Tecnico de Nivel Medio with a minimum 6.5 average or the examination Concurso Vestibular with a minimum 5 average

    Bolivia Bachillerato en Humanidades with a minimum 5.0 average

    Bulgaria Diploma Za Zavarsheno Sredno Obrazovanie

    Cameroon Baccalaureate (Parts I and II or General Certificate of Education as described above)

    Canada Canadian High School Diploma

    Chile Licencia de Education Media in the Humanistic-Scientific branch with a minimum 5 average or the examination Prueba de Aptitud Academica with a minimum 4

    China Senior High School Graduation Examination

    Columbia Bachillerto certificate with a minimum 3.5 average

    Congo, The Republic of first year standing at a recognized university in the same country

    Cuba first year standing at a recognized university in the same country

    Czech Republic Maturitni Zkouska (Maturita)

    Denmark Studentereksamen

    Dominican Republic first year standing at a recognized university in the same country

    Ecuador Bachillerato en Humanidades or Ciecias with a minimum 7.5 average

    Egypt General Secondary School Certificate Examination, Thanaweya a'ama

    El Salvador Bachillerato in the academic specializations only with a minimum 6.5

    Estonia Secondary School Certificate

    Ethiopia first year standing at a recognized university in the same country

    Finland Maturity Certificate (Ylippilastutkinto)

    Germany Reifezeugnis

    Greece Apolytirion

    Guinea Baccalaureat (2eme partie)

    Hong Kong General Certificate of Education as described above (see British-patterned education) or the University of Hong Kong Matriculation Certificate assessed as the G.C.E.

    Hungary Erettsegi (Maturity Certificate)

    Iceland Upper Secondary School Certificate (Studentsprof)

    India second division or higher in one of: All-Indian Senior School Certificate, Higher Secondary Certificate (Pre-Degree, Pre-Professional or Pre-University), Intermediate Certificate, Higher Secondary Certificate Part 2

    Indonesia Sekolah Menengah Uman (S.M.U.); pre 1993: S.M.A.

    Ireland (Republic of) Leaving Certificate

    Israel Bagrut Certificate

    Italy Maturita Classica Diploma or Maturita Scientifica Diploma

    Japan Upper Secondary School Diploma

    Kenya Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE)

    Latvia Atestats par visparejo izglitibu (Attestation of General secondary Education)

    Lebanon first year standing in a recognized institution of higher learning or the Baccalaureate (Parts I and II)

    Lithuania Secondary School Certificate

    Luxembourg Diplome de Fin d'Etudes Secondaires

    Malaysia Sijil Tinggi Persekolahon Malaysia (STPM) or MICSS Unified Examination Certificate (UEC)

    Mexico Bachillerto certificate with a minimum 7.0 average

    Nepal Proficiency Certificate

    New Zealand University Entrance Examination

    Nigeria Senior School Certificate with a maximum 5.0 average

    North Korea first year standing at a recognized university in the same country

    Norway Vitnemal Fra den Vidergaende Skole

    Pakistan Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC) in at least the second division

    Panama Bachillerato de Ciencias or de Ketras or de Comerico with a minimum C (71%) average or high school graduation (USA-patterned education)

    Paraguay Bachillerato en Humanidades y Ciecias with a minimum 2.5 average

    Philippines second year standing in a recognized institution of higher learning

    Poland Maturity/Swiadectwo Dojrzalosci Certificate

    Portugal first year standing at a recognized university in the same country

    Scotland Scottish Leaving Certificate Examination of the Scottish Education Department of the Scottish Universities Preliminary Examination

    Seychelles Island General Certificate of Education as described above or Baccalaureate Parts I and II

    Singapore Government Higher School Certificate (Chinese) with two subjects at the Principal Level and three subjects at the Subsidiary Level

    Slovak Republic Maturity Certificate (Maturitnej Skuske)

    Somalia Secondary School Leaving Certificate

    South Korea Academic Upper Secondary School Certificate (Immumgye Kodung Hakkyo Choeupchang)

    Spain Titulo de Bachillerato or University Orientation Year (COU)

    Sri Lanka General Certificate of Education (Advanced Level) in four subjects with a min. overall avg. of C and no grade below a Pass (S)

    South Africa Matriculation Certificate of the Joint Matriculation Board in the first or second class with a minimum standing of C or one of the following certificates in the first or second class providing that exemption from the Matriculation Examination of the Joint Matriculation Examination of the Joint Matriculation Board has been granted: Cape Senior Certificate of the Department of Public Education, Natal Senior Certificate of the Department of Education, Orange Free State School Leaving Certificate of the Department of Education

    Sweden Matriculation Certificate on successful completion of the Studentexamen

    Switzerland one of: Maturitats Zeugnis, Certificate de Maturite, Attestato de Maturita

    Taiwan Senior High School Leaving Certificate

    Thailand Mathayom /Maw 6

    Turkey Devlet Lise Diplomasi

    Ukraine Atestat pro Povnu Zagal'nu Sersdniu Osvitu (Grade 12)

    United States of America (and Puerto Rico) complete Grade 12 with a minimum average of B or better on a minimum of five academic Grade 12 subjects

    Uruguay Bachillerto certificate with a minimum 3.5 average following 12 years of school

    Vietnam first year standing at a recognized university in the same country

    Zaire Diplome d'Etat d'Etudes Secondaire du Cycle Long with Homologation Certification

    Graduate Students:
    Official transcripts are required from each post-secondary institution attended. If your transcripts are in a language other than English, you must submit a notarized English translation in addition to the original documentation. The official translation must be received in a signed and sealed envelope directly from a certified translation service. Demonstration of proficiency in the use of the English language may also be required.
    One letter of recommendation is required for all graduate programs. The letter must be submitted directly by the attestant to the Admissions Office. Other documents can be submitted by e-mail or by post. These include resumes, writing samples, a list of extra-curricular activities, etc. All emails must include your complete name and your IUBL application numbers.
National Accreditation

The Higher Education System in the Ukraine.

The International University of Business and Law is a private university with full national accreditation that is duly recognized throughout the world. To place this accreditation in context, here is a short summary of the educational system and of the classifications used by the Ministry of Education.
Unlike their counterparts in North America, universities in the Ukraine are generally specialized institutions that offer programs to specific technical or academic populations. For example, some universities specialize in the Humanities, some in Education and others in Business.
All universities are supervised by the Ministry of Education to ensure that appropriate standards are maintained at each accreditation level, of which there are four.

Level I - Vocational schools
Level II - Schools offering the equivalent of Associates and Bachelors degrees
Level III - Colleges and Universities teaching Professional courses
Level IV - Universities licensed to teach on all levels, including Doctoral.

Some Level III and Level IV universities offer continuing education courses and off-campus courses at various industrial locations. Several Level IV universities have also been granted the right to prepare distance learning curricula and are currently active in this domain. IUBL is at the forefront of developing online programs consistent with this initiative.

The International University of Business and Law is accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science at Level IV (the highest level of accreditation given by the Ministry). The universitys accreditation rating has been assigned license number AB№048983.

International Accreditation

IUBL is an accredited member institution of IAU, the International Association of Universities of UNESCO
Depending on the document, IUBL will be listed either by its name in English or under its Ukrainian equivalent - Privatnij Vishij Navcalnij Zaklad Miznarodnij Universitet.
For further information about this UNESCO database, see
or contact UNESCO directly at +33 1 45 68 48 02
The School of Business Studies is divided into six main training areas. These are:

- Accounting and auditing
- Finance
- Marketing
- Organizational Management
- Economics and Economic Relations
- Law (Ukranian only)

Current interests of the faculty include Emerging Markets Corporate Finance, and the downsizing of bureaucracies through the application of public administration priniciples.

From 2003 to 2018, 200+ candidates were admitted into the post-graduate study department and another 15 persons were admitted as competitors for the Ph.D. At present, there are 15 post-graduate students. Over the past year, two post-graduate students at the University have defended their theses.

The general approach in the department is international and global. Management practices are studied on the basis of case studies drawn from a wide variety of situations encountered by both national and multi-national corporations. Students are encouraged to develop both a conceptual framework for integrating theory as well as the practical skills necessary to apply them. To encourage independent thinking as well as the ability to work together, every program requires the writing of a number of research projects. At least one project is done completely on an individual basis and one as a member of a five member team comprised of students from various economic and geographic regions.

In general, once they have been successfully defended, all theses and dissertations are published by the University and distributed internationally to over one hundred universities for further comments, as required by law.

Faculty of Law
The faculty trains students to enter the legal profession in the Ukraine. As such, there are no plans currently to offer courses in Law for international and online students from this faculty.
The International University of
Business and Law Library & Collections

The Library is a repository of knowledge and the informational hub of campus. Students and faculty come together here for the serious work of scholarship and to collaborate with library and computing staff. Researchers pore over books and conduct investigations through our wide selection of online databases. Committed to the life of the mind and the major functions of teaching, learning and research,
the library blends the latest information technologies with
traditional books and media.

The collections of the IUBL Library support teaching, study, and research in the disciplines represented in the IUBL curriculum. The collections offer both historical depth in established fields of knowledge as well as current scholarship in new areas of research, and provide a wealth of information in formats ranging from traditional print collections to a variety of electronic and media resources.

The Main Library Collections

The print collections of the Library have over ten thousand volumes, including a reference collection of about 2,000 volumes, the circulating book collection in the main stacks, and bound periodicals on level C.

Music and Media Collections

Video and sound recording collections are housed in and serviced from the Music and Media Center on Level 1. There are four group listening rooms, a seminar room, and a number of media carrels located in or near the Music and Media Center. All of these areas offer equipment designed for playback of the music and media resources. The collection consists of over 1,000 CDs, 5,000 DVDs and videos, and covers most areas of study on campus.

Image Collections & Services/Slide and Digital Image Collection

Located on Level A of the library, the Image Collections consists of a substantial collection of slides and digital images that support IUBL academic programs. Primarily illustrating the history of art and architecture, collection holdings span all time periods and geographic areas. These materials are a teaching collection for IUBL faculty.

The International University of Business and Law (IUBL) is a private higher educational institution founded in 1993. It has rapidly become Ukraines leading school in higher economics and administrative studies.

Higher education in Ukraine, as in all European countries, is managed by the Ministry of Education. The Bachelors degree is generally awarded after four years of post-secondary school study. The curriculum includes both general studies and courses leading to professional training in the fields of either law or business. The Masters degree generally takes one or two years depending on the qualifications and grades of the applicant.

The University has been granted a level 4 designation, which is the highest level of accreditation granted by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (AB#048983 dated 12.09.2006). Its license status can be found on the government website and its accreditation status here. Visitors may use Google's online translator to convert the contents of these official government pages from Ukrainian to English.
The purpose of this prospectus is to provide current students with information about various administrative procedures and about significant dates in the calendar pursuant to successfully fulfilling the various faculty requirements. A secondary purpose is to make this information readily available online so that prospective students can better acquaint themselves with university programs and regulations before they making their final decision to register.

This prospectus is not intended to be read like a book but rather should be seen as a resource to be consulted whenever an academic question or administrative issue arises. Its purpose is to provide you with an overview based upon the full school year, to help you plan ahead and to ensure that you get the most out of your education.
Best wishes for a successful year!
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